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Andie Swimwear The Tulum One Piece LT (Long Torso)

Andie Swimwear The Tulum One Piece LT (Long Torso)

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Color: White, Black, Navy
Fabric: Eco-Nylon


removable soft cups
underbust seam

Fabric & Care

Fabric Content: 80% recycled nylon and 20% spandex

Rinse in cold water immediately after wearing to remove some chlorine, saltwater, sunscreen and/or natural body oils.

Hand-wash your suits in cold water with a gentle laundry detergent or hand soap. Do not bleach, iron, or tumble dry.

Lay Flat to Dry. Hang drying can stretch out your suit. Laying flat to dry gives the fabric a chance to reshape.

For super-suit longevity, pre-rinse your Andie in fresh water before diving into the pool or ocean. Salt, chlorine, and other particles cling to dry suits, so jumping in some clean water before your day at the beach/pool/park help maintain swimsuit fibers.

Note: Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do – which is why we're making it our mission to make all of our smooth swimsuit styles out of our Eco-Nylon, a recycled fabric. We're not there yet, but we'll keep you updated.
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